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Artista             WIZARD GYNOID

My friends caIl me Wizzy.  So you can call me Wizzy.

You might say that I am obsessed by Sacred Geometry.  I find Second Life to be the perfect place to obsess on Sacred Geometry and I have spent a lot of time building Geometrical objects by hand.  My old Temple of Sacred Geometry was dedicated to these works and I find that some of my favorite artists and writers inspire me to build.  Most notable of these are M.C. Escher, H.P. Lovecraft, William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, Neal Stephenson and Buckminster Fuller.

My RL university training is in Philosophy, especially the History and Philosophy of Science.  I am very interested in the Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics.  The traditional separation of the domain of Art from the domain of Science and their reconciliation is of great interest to me.  

In RL my typist is an artist and has apprenticed with respected RL artists.  I paint and I do metal sculpting.  I am currently working on kinetic mobile sculptures and tensegrity objects.

Perhaps I am best known for building an 8 Dimensional object in SL -- the E8 Polytope.  This was a daunting and difficult task and I had the help of a theoretical physicist and a team of mathematicians and programmers.  This SL object was subsequently ported out to RL and can be found there inside a laser-etched crystal cube.

The E8 Polytope is the most complex and elegantly beautiful geometric object known to mathematicians.  It is used in String Theory and is of heightened interest lately due to its use in several "Theories of Everything" -- the modern term for the Unified Field Theory.  Inscribed within it, I have found all of the platonic solids and many other symmetrical polyhedra.  I have discovered several axes of symmetry, the most significant being icosahedral symmetry, and it is therefore richly encoded with the Golden Ratio.  The Hexahedral axis is also intriguing, due to the suggestion of a 3D isometric grid.  The Octaahedral symmetry axis suggests the discovery of interesting spiral fractals and symmetrical lotus flower-type patterns within the E8 Polytope.

I am of the conviction that Second Life and the Open Sims are a perfect place to demonstrate abstract mathematical objects in an easily intuited 3D environment.  With that in mind, my E8 Polytope  has been demonstrated to astrophysicists at California Institute of Technology, physicists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, faculty and staff at the University of Michigan, the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, and Theatre and Technology students at St. Lawrence University, Canton NY.

Lately, my work has turned to tensegrity objects discovered by Buckminster Fuller.  I have been playing around in Inworldz and RL with something he called the "Vector Equilibrium."  Bucky considered this object to be the most elegant in nature.  This object is important because it demonstrates what I like to call the 3D Isometric Grid.  It is also very closely associated with Sacred Geometry objects.

I rezzed a 7,200 prim four-dimensional Klein Bottle, a 2,000 prim version was shown at the University of Western Australia.  The 7200 prim version is still on display on the CLIVE sim.  

After applying to the Guinness Book of Records for the Greatest Number of Prims in a Single Rotating Object, I imported that object into OSGrid and prompted crashed the entire grid.  OSGrid is still down to this day.

I guess it could be said that an underlying theme of my recent work has been demonstrating that the elegant beauty of complex mathematical/geometric objects can be shown to be "Art" by changing the context in which they are viewed.  

Some of my recent work:

I showed two sims of work at SXSW 2013 in Inworldz.

My 2,000 prim Klein Bottle is on display at UWA in SL.
I have had entries at all of the recent Rajha Art Festivals in Inworldz.
I have been a Featured Artist at Artworldz in Inworldz.
I had a Featured Artist Show at Turing Gallery Extropia sim in SL.
Permanent Exhibit: Center for Learning in Virtual Environments
Resident Artist at the Caerleon Art Collective:
Burn 2.0: Creator of The Burn Temple October 2010
Tensegrity Icosahedron on display at Spindrift - SpinSpace astronomical art Gallery
SL7B: The Flowering of Life was Honour McMillan's Exhibit of the Day June 2010
My Reaction Grid "Wizzy" sim was the June 2010 Prim Perfect "Landscape of the Month"
Italian Physics sim "Strings" show May 2010
University of Western Australia April 2010 Art Challenge Winner "Animated E8"
Burniversity Lecturer on Precision Art Sculpture 2/22/2010
Lecturer on "Multi-Dimensional Sacred Geometry" 10/12/2008 Open Air Theatre, in Spirit  World.
M Linden had several of my works on display at his corporate office on M Squared sim:
Two VERY LARGE builds of two rotations of the E8 Polytope - now on two sims in Reaction Grid (
Permanent Exhibition at the Museum of Virtual Art:
Steaming Hot show at Erato of Caerleon: 1/17/2010 - 2/11/2010
UTSA Art Space:  10/31/2009 - current
Caerleon Isles "Portals" Show 1/15/2009 - 2/1/ 2009
Angelgate Arts Show - 10/19/2008 - 12/15/2008
Caerleon "Dreams" Show - 10/19/2008 - 11/5/2008
Rezzable Visions - "It Came From the 8th Dimension: The E8 Polytope" 10/1/2008 - 11/1/2008
Burning Life Theme Camp 9/27/2008 - 10/5/2008
Angelgate Arts Exhibition 3/1/2008 - 4/12/2008
Radiance Art Show 5/12/2008 - 6/15/2008
Rezzable NPIRL (Not Possible in Real Life) Art Installation:  5/11/2008 - 6/24/2008
Serendipity Art Gallery Show 6/16/2008 - 8/3/2008
SL5B Exhibitor  6/23/2008 - 7/7/2008
FRI's Shengri La Show 7/28/2008 - 9/10/2008
Guest Artist @ Gary Kohime's Beyond Everything & Nothing:
Permanent Exhibition at Primtings Museum:
Permanent Exhibition at Galleria Bollogio:

Machinima/Videos of some of my works:
Wizzy Makes a Klein Bottle
"Circus of O" Miso Susanowa, Wizzy Gynoid, Bryn Oh Collaboration at LEA Art Sandbox (LEA5)
E8 Polytope by Miso Susanowa visits my sims on Reaction Grid:
By Kumi Kuhr (on Reaction Grid):
By Botgirl Questi:
By Xenophile Neurocam:
By Buxton Malaprop:
By Kumi Kuhr:
Nitwacket Machinima of Burning Life 2008:
Steaming Hot:
My own machinima of my M.C. Escher's Stars exhibit at PrimTings:
This is a video by Crap Mariner of my M.C. Escher's "Stars" build:
Videos of me building geometric objects in Second Life:

Articles on or Interviews with Wizard Gynoid:

"Burn2 - I Go Up & the Temple Burns"

"Numbers Game" by Thirza Ember

"Math Mystic: The Sacred Geometries of Wizard Gynoid" by Raven Haalan, Prim Perfect Magazine June 2010, page 108

"Doing the Math" by Thirza Ember 5/11/2010

"Designing Worlds visits Reaction Grid" 3/26/2010

"Scientific Research in Virtual Worlds" 2/16/2010

New World Notes' Chestnut Rau says I am one of SL's Leading artists:

"2,147,483,648 meters high" by Soror Nishi 1/11/2010

Wizard Gynoid: "I think it's important. I have an intuition about it" 4/1/2009

"Universe In The Metaverse: Garrett Lisi Explores An E8 Polytope In Second Life"

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