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Artista             TOSHA TYRAN


Meet me just before midnight under the docks
Where it smells of fish and rats and mice.
If you find blue wildness, don't fear.
The steaming and watering pipes
Live their own life.

Leave your sunday clothes at home.
Boots will serve you fine.
Look around.
Be friendly.

Meet me just before midnight under the docks.
I sealed this letter
With a dead mouse at each corner.
It carries an iron stamp
rusty and bent.

Here is what I am not:
- a sculptor
- a painter
- a photographer
- a computer wiz
- a housewife

But I do have a passion for:
- Virtual bricklaying
- Opensim
- Blender
- Lumi N.
- André B.

An interesting and quite stimulating combination...

"Under the Docks" is sort of an imaginary, imaginative virtual exploration of the underground. Underground - a not so clean, not so fancy environment populated by sewer rats and - yes, sometimes dancing pipes.

Tosha Tyran


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