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Simotron Aquila is an Italian artist. She’s in second life from 2009.
Simotron’s sculptures and installations are almost entirely made in-world, using basic prims to create an “iconic”, symbolic and extremely elementary world. Simple shapes, the almost absence of textures, a slight movement, bring the attention on the meaning and leave space to the imagination.
The same linear, essential and simple features distinguish Simotron’s drawings that are part of the creative process.
Her works are a reflection on the relations between real and virtual dimension of everybody life, in which to establish ties and limits is as many as important as to overcome them or to break them.
She investigates the lightness and the suspension in some of their different meanings and properties through a more intimate view: the lightness of the suspension and the weight of gravity, but also the heavy void of the absence, lack or wait and the worrying lightness of the dematerialization matched to the weight of new possibilities to invade our life or manipulate our opinion.

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"Going Somewhere, Going Nowhere" by Simotron Aquila

"He bought himself a ticket to the end of the line
(He bought himself a ticket to the end of the line)
He rode quietly, reading his mind
(He rode quiet, erasing time)
Loneliness found him, and found a seat next to him
(Loneliness came and sat next to him)
Together they rode silently, observing the shift
(They rode together in silence, listening to the wind)" *

* Excerpt from the poem "Chiaroscuro" by Billy Corgan


"Si è comprato un biglietto per il capolinea
(Si è comprato un biglietto per il capolinea)
Viaggiava con tranquillità, leggendosi i pensieri
(Viaggiava tranquillo, cancellando il tempo)
L'ha trovato la solitudine, e ha trovato un posto vicino a lui
(È arrivata la solitudine e si è seduta vicino a lui)
Insieme hanno viaggiato senza parlare, contemplando il mutamento
(Hanno viaggiato insieme in silenzio, ascoltando il vento)" *

* Estratto dalla poesia "Chiaroscuro" di Billy Corgan; trad. it.: Clara Nubile


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