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Real Life Art and Background

Scott Rolfe, the RL counterpart of Scottius Polke, focusses primarily onassemblage/mixed media constructions, with occasional forays into more illustrative arts, such as ink and pastel. He first started exploring the medium of assemblage/found objects in college, thanks to the inspiration of one of his professors. Other influences from the art world have included mixed media artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Joseph Cornell and Anton Tapies. To see example of Rolfe’s RL work, visit

Second Life Art

Scottius has "translated" his art into Second Life. In some of these pieces he used virtual elements such as interactivity and animation to bring a whole new dimension to his art. His builds include mushROOM and Lunamaruna, large-scale builds created entirely from his hand-drawn illustrations. These bright fantastical worlds are both playful with an undercurrent of the sinister.

"The Dock Spirit”~ This build by Scottius Polke, like previous builds mentioned above, is entirely created using his own illustrations and drawings. Using a muted color palette and rough illustrations can make a visitor feel like they are stepping into an uneasy dream, a different reality.
Rusty Crocodiles - The Art of Scott Rolfe





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