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Artista    PAOLA  MILLS


Hello I’m Angela Paola and in pixel version I’m Paola Mills


I signed up to Second Life in 2007, after hearing a lot about  Linden Lab in the media. I did not like the name Second Life, but I did like its potential as a platform to use, because I have been passionate about video games since I was a girl.


After reading an article in an American Journal, I realized that Second Life was something else: it is a place for shopping, for doing business, others see it as financial speculation, for other people it’s just a 3D chat. But soon Second Life became a niche for lovers of creativity.


I’m not a professional photographer in RL,  but I do like to make pictures when I see something I like, for instance a person or a situation. That's why I always carry a small camera with me in my bag.


Second Life has allowed me to develop, without the need for powerful means, my emotionalism: i.e. catch the moment of a specific feeling into simple shots; stills that stop time for a few seconds..


Unlike many artists in the Metaverse my photos are handicraft, as I use minimum graphic editing software. This is not by choice but by inability to use them. Had I more time RL, I could learn, but unfortunately I don't.


I look upon myself as an end user of Second Life, taking advantage of the ability of creators who know how to give reality to the bodies of the avatars and those who know how to give motion by the use of poses. I merged  these two aspects, a study of body language of a human body.


I hope that my photographs can be a stimulus of irony, emotions and feelings and that these photographs go beyond a Simple observation of the photograph itself.


Paola Mills


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The body, the shell of our soul
Is not just a wrap, without emotions
You can treat your body, be aesthetically perfect
But the eyes that look at you
Full of love and compassion
Will only see an empty container
Devoided of any charm
Begin your journey of life
Starting from your interior
When you want to catch the real beauty

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