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Max Moswitzer


Born in 1968, Max Moswitzer lives and works in Vienna and Zurich. He studied Graphic Arts at the University of Applied Arts (Die Angewandte), Vienna at the classes of Ernst Caramelle and Oswald Oberhuber, as well Communication Theory with Roy Ascott. Moswitzer’s output is in Fine Art and the construction of playful situations.

Starting from early 2007 Moswitzer has moved his creative practice into the metaverse, i.e., Second Life; where he is the founder of the Synthetic Academy, a university for avatars. His architectural installation „Whitenoise“ has been one of four winers for the first Annual Architecture & Design Competition in Second Life, an internationally juried event of the 2007 Ars Electronica Festival.  His artistic output related to Second Life is also covered in the book “Space Between People: How the Virtual Changes Physical Architecture “, by Stephan Doesinger, published in 2008. More recently he has completed „Ouvroir“, a virtual museum in Second Life commissioned by the Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich.



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