Artista           JOHN FILLWALK  aka MENCIUS WATTS

Artista           JESSE ALLISON    aka   TAGGERT ALSOP







Conflux for MdM is a virtual installation that responds to the patterns and changes to the simulated wind at MdM. This sculptural and sonic installation is scripted to detect changes within the ever changing wind algorithm - superimposed as a large scale pattern distributed throughout the sim. These changes in the simulated wind patterns are then in turn interpreted and made visible and sonified by the sculpture - translating the wind forces into individual rotation vectors and hue changes within the sculptural and sound field.

Spaltialized two channel sound - avatar proximity, speed and rotation effect the user experience of sound

Viewing Suggestions

High graphics
Fly directly above the field
Good speakers or headphones
Media volume should be down, Sounds fader up



John Fillwalk

Director, Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts [IDIA Lab]
Senior Director: Hybrid Design Technologies
Office of Information Technology
Professor of Art, College of Fine Arts
Ball State University
IDIA Lab: College of Architecture and Planning, AB021A   Muncie, IN 47306
VM/Office: +1.765.285.7434  / Lab: +1.765.285.4325






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