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Autodidact graphic designer

Born in Budapest

Lives in Vienna.

Mentor: Zoltán Szlabey, artist and graphic-designer

I am a graduate of the Budapest school of economics. Since the 1990ies I have worked for foreign marketing & communications agencys in Hungary which made me realize that creative solutions from abroad could not sufficiently capture the attention of the Hungarian people.

Trying to set an antipole I started developing my own creative concepts and their visual extrapolations.

In the course of this work my first foray into the graphic arts was born.
As my expertise in graphic design developed, I was enthusiastically encouraged by my mentor Zoltán Szlabey – and found additional support for my practical skills through the ET-Art Studios graphic-designers György Tóth und Mihály Eisrich.

In 1999 I started working as an art director in a hungarian marketing & communications agency where I serviced leading international corporate clients. Being in charge of the developement of strategy and the corresponding marketing communications helped me produce a comprehensive portfolio where I could also oversee concept implementation.

As a part of my artistic activities I became a frequent lecturer on „ esthetic theory of colors” for a qualified audience and visitors of exhibitions of specific industries at the international trade fair „Color Hungary”.

The first official challenge in the artistic field: In 2002 I participated with my digital graphic design „elefantasy” at the XXI. national and international biennial arts festival in Hungary.

After a long-term pause of production I started in 2014 to engage again intensively with art graphic design.

Currently I am developing with Cassio Crestana (fotographer of nature) a new art concept.

The intention of the project is to show on the basis of photographs of beautiful nature and digital art, how two categories of art - photography and graphic design, two absolutely different techniques - can be unified via mutual support into a third art-category, the modern „photo-graphic-art” and lead to a synergistic experience.

Unaffiliated digital creative page :

My art work decorates offices and homes of art loving companies and individuals.

Some of my graphic designs can be viewed on the pages of digitaliis GALLERY T in a permanent exhibition.




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