Professional Painter/Visualist
Co Founder CARP
Co Founder Rembrandt Art Market, Amsterdam,the Netherlands

Josina studied at the Famous Artists Schools of America and graduated in illustration, advertisement,free painting and drawing. She studied under Ben Stahl, Al Parker, Jon Witcomb, Fred Ludekens, Peter Helck, got her papers in 1967 and then decided to become a ...singer..
She studied under Beb Ogterop and as a professional singer she worked successfully in the Netherlands especially in the 70ties (was the first female protestsinger) . Made several albums, was a member of the Knokke Songfestival Team and had her own Radio and Personality show on the Dutch Television. Performed in all Dutch Theaters and was a guest in many radio and television shows.
Later on she traveled around the world and performed in  many international television shows. Worked for the Spanish television and after that she became the leading lady of the well known close-harmony trio “The New Shepherds”, later in  "Close Encounter" and  "September" were she had  her own 7 mans band. Made several albums again and performed on Dutch Radio and Television.

During all those years of traveling she continued painting and drawing. Once a painter, always a painter. The work has many facets. Feelings and impressions, sometimes subtile, but also powerful and above all the use of bright colors are specific for her art. Expressionism, Abstract as well as Figurative paintings, explosions of color, gold and bronze, memories and emotions are telling their story.
Josina uses mixed techniques, some developped herself, in a very personal style, abstracts, flowers and landscapes, recognizable or with free expression. The composition,technique, the colors and the shapes are giving an extra dimension to her paintings. They have to be "beautiful" not boring and always a pleasure to look at.

In the end of 2006 she started working in Secondlife, looking for new possibilities in the Metaverse. Experimenting  with New Art, building hyperformal, animated and interactive sculptures, Founded C.A.R.P (Cybernatic Art Research Projects)  together with Lazlo Oerdoegh a Hungarian Professor and started working together with international artists from all over the globe, new Theatrical shows and performences were developed with the team, like the WALL, The RINGS, Metropolis, V-Jazz and much more.

“Its the pervading Law of all things organic or non-organic,
Of all things physical and metaphysical,
Of all the true manifestations of the head,
Of the heart, of the soul,
That the life is recognizable in its expression,
That form always follows function,
That is the Law”.

Henri Labouste 1801-1875


Exhibitions in:

University of Enschede
City Hall Ouderkerk aan de Amstel (2x)
Community Hall Duivendrecht
House of Italy Amsterdam
Prinsengracht Gallery Amsterdam
Virtual Gallery Internet
City Hall Lelystad
Art Fair Bergen
Art Route Duivendrecht
Modern Art Market - Thorbeckeplein Amsterdam
Hoorn en Cultuur - Hoorn
Kunstbeurs de Looier - Amsterdam
Gallery  Galeriale - Oosthuizen
Hungary Museo Szombatheley
Rembrandt Art Market, Amsterdam
Gallery OT301, Amsterdam

BOOKS: Visions of Global Justice: an Art Exhibit from the virtual World
Network Culture Project
University of Southern California
Uqbar. media art culture e Rinascimento Virtuale Florence Italy

C.A.R.P books

Art on the Metaverse Book 1
Art on the Metaverse Book 2a
Art on the Metaverse Book 2b
Art on the Metaverse Book 3


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