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Italian literature teacher and musician, I'm  in SL since December of 2008 and it is at work tied up mine in RL, that of teacher.

I immediately started manipulating prim and soon Sl has been for me above all the place to create.


In june 2009  I exposed on Pyramid, and then after, in many Italian and foreign galleries (Pirats Art Network, Art Maniac, Studio 33, Galeria Mexico, Arte libera, Shamen Galleries,  Artemis gallery, Vertex , Kelli Yap Newcomers and Friend gallery, La Quintessenza Art Gallery, Aneli's Gallery,  Cuauhnahuac Gallery, Piramide  Indire, PAD, Diadem, Second nation, Space art -  A bottega con Arte e mente, Tanalois , Lalibela, ART GALLERY by Maryva Mayo, Astral Dreams - Gallery Art, ArtKandhor- Geyser art Space, Mare nostro, LEA art sandbox, Brooklyn is watching, Art nation, Erato of carleon, Raglan Artwalk 2010,-2011,-2012, Sun Escapes Arts Center, Scotland Art show, Blue Dolphin bay, Portugal Lisboa…).


I’ve contributed to events related to RL, such as Arte Fiera di Padova, lodged by french artist Patrick Moya (aka Moya Janus).

I attended  are SLB11, SLB10, SLB9 and SLB8, Art & Poetry Project (created by Rosanna Galvani aka Roxelo Babenco),  for which I exhibited at the Brera Academy, Carp Diabolus and Metales, 2LEI, a demonstration against violence against women.


From November 2011 as well as exhibitions in galleries I devoted primarily to the design and construction of large installation:
-Variations On The magic flute (January 2012)
 -CyBorg Nature,per UWA Sky Sim for series (February 2012
- "The opposite and completion" for the Academy of Brera with a work inspired by Narcissus and Goldmund by Herman Hesse , and that was shown in the physical location of the Academy of Brera in Milan, through the projection screen. (June 2012)
-Synesthesya for  Split screen  ( July 2012)
-Reflections for LEA Land Grant (November 2012)
- Sherezade: if you want to survive- tella a story (Curated by Heidi Dahlsveen/Mimesis Monday) (May 2013)
-Arithmos for LEA Land Grant (October 2013)
-Fisicofollia for LEA full sim series (December 2013)
-Suffocation- Energy - The game of life- Delirium for For the project " Your breath was shed" created by Mimesis Monday/ Heidi Dahlsveen (Mars 2014)
- Il folle volo  at Lost Town (august 2014)
- Chaos, kosmos for LEA Land Grant (November 2014)

I then participated in the Burn2 -  2013, where I was as an artist, with the installation "Diamonds" and at Burn2 -2012 with the artwork “Creativity”.

At december 2012 I took part in the collective exhibition  “Polvere di Stelle d’Arte”  and at december 2013 in the collective exhibition "RED SHOES" curated by Mexi Lane in Second Life,  events related to that in real life organized by Francesca Barbi Marinetti in Margutta RistorArte in Rome.

I took part with my work at “One billion rising at Second life” and at the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the Beatles organized by Arte libera.

The pictures of my works have been included in the book “ Sfiorami l’anima”of the poetess Cinzia Dipace.

Currently I have been invited to exhibit  at The 7th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro_2014.PT in rl and actally  in TheProjecto, Nucleo de Desonvilmento Cultural na Republica das artes – Portugal

For more informations:   the blog




The work presented for the Bianco nero: l'Arte trasparente is a smaller version of the installation " Chaos, Kosmos ".

The Chaos, in the primitive sense of the Greek term, is the immensity not measurable and unlimited of the primitive space ( and so the blend and the disorder and the fortuity) in which the kosmos originates, that is the beautiful, good and rational order of the world, which always comes from a messy background.

The Chaos is not definitely passed by the construction of an intelligible world and of the shapes, but it still continues to be as the foundation on which also the Kosmos stand.
It could be understood as a creative act of the artist who derives a sense and a aesthetic and meaningful order from the formless matter.

This vision of the Greek cosmogony goes straight up to our ages, in which the view of an universe regulated by the relativity alongside the quantum mechanic  gives us an universe regulated by the fortuity of the events.


Progetto "Bianco nero: l'arte trasparente". Installazione  di Giovanna Cerise

Progetto "Bianco nero: l'arte trasparente". Installazione  di Giovanna Cerise

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