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Artista             FRIEDA KORDA


Hi, I’m Frieda Kuterna and live in Antwerp, Belgium.
In January 2007 I joined Second Life as Frieda Korda.
I took photos from the very beginning, using myself as subject.
Being a model in RL, this is more or less an extension of that
I'm particularly interested in movement, expression and storytelling ...

End 2008 I met Maxxo Klaar aka Max D.Well and we started working together as
∞ Compagnons de Route ∞, an ongoing project in RL/SL.

In 2012 I joined the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse :
a global collaboration of composers, artists and musicians
that approaches SL as an instrument itself.
Since 2009 I was their photographer,
in 2012 I joined as player and set designer.

- The Journey : solo exhibition, Gallery "A".   (Photo collages)
  Virtual Antwerp, Second Life

- Rinascimento Virtuale: SL groupsexhibition Museo di Storia Naturale.  
  (Photo collages)                       Florence, Italy
- Permanent exhibition Museo del Metaverso. (Photo collages)
  Second Life, Open Sim Craft and again Craft ;-)
- KEJO LAB : designcompetition/exhibition real life jacket.   (Textures)
  Style Magazine, Second Life
- Arena: uqbar media art culture. In corporation with Rinascimento Virtuale         
  (Photo collages)                  Uqbar, Second Life
- Several exhibitions in SL

- Sturm und Liebe: soundinstallation ∞CdR∞  
  Kunstverein Graz. Regensburg, Germany
- Creative 2.0: competition/exhibition.  (Photo collage)
  Imparafacile, Second Life
- SL photographer/archiver for the "Avatar Orchestra Metaverse”
- Soirée of Notions: mixed reality event with ∞CdR∞
  Regensburg, Germany
- Petapopaholic: exhibition ∞CdR∞ , Gallery Take a Dive    
  (mixed media, photo collages)        Berlin, Germany
- We are the directors: UltraMegaCyberPop exhibition ∞CdR∞.   
  (Photo collages, video, sculptures)
  Camera Obscura,Diabolus Artspace, Benvolio, Second Life

- "Metaverse Art":groupsexhibition  ∞CdR∞ (Photo collages+video installation)
   Szombathelyi Képtár, Hungary   (Invited and curated by Velazquez Bonetto)
- Koinup: Virtual Diversity Contest.     (Photo collage)  
  Second Life
- Art & Poetry project : Museo del Metaverso   (installation+photo's)
  Second Life & Open Sim Craft

2012 until now
- Mostly building sets, rehearsing and performing with AOM
  on mixed media events and festivals around the globe.

And then there pops up Roxelo Babenco again … ;-)
She discovered my work at an art competition, way back in 2008
and invited me to hang my collages in the first Museo del Metaverso, in SL.
I followed her to MdM in Open Sim Craft until
there wasn’t a Museo  anymore, nowhere, for a while ….
and now we meet again in Craft….
Happy to be here, Roxelo :-)





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