DC Spensley

Contemporary artist, creator of telepresent theatrical productions, intriguing art games, social and trans-media storytelling.

Silicon Valley based artist DC Spensley investigates opportunities for participation, engagement and play as art experiences. His work has exhibited internationally at venues like Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Ars Electronica in Linz Austria, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival in the Netherlands, Boston's Cyber Arts Festival, The ZERO1 Biennial in California, the International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Triton Museum, Museo de Metaverso and more.

About the work on exhibition at Museo del Metaverso:

On display are artworks on 5 levels of altitude ranging from 1000 to 2000 meters above the MdM simulation.

Level #1 - Reflexive Assembly 001
1245 Meters

This “shy” sculpture shatters when a viewer is close, visualizing the sphere of influence of the avatar in space. Without the viewer’s participation the work is simply one large, shiny block.

Level #2 - Glitch Panels
1385 Meters

The 24 glitch panels panels are part of a series of post glitch images I shared on Facebook’s Glitch Artists Collective during 2014. Many methods were used to make the images which are not glitches, but an homage to the genre.

Level #3 - Algorithmic Panels
1443 Meters

The eight algorithmic panels panels are carefully timed algorithmic panoramas
that evolve slowly over time. The artworks keep their same general nature, but rarely repeat any one composition.

Level #4 - Reflexive Assembly 002
1545 Meters

Parts of this “subtractive” sculpture disappear when a viewer is close, enabling the viewer to “carve” away at what would otherwise be simply a large, shiny block.

Level #5 - Magnitude
2016 Meters

Unlike many projects in virtual worlds, that conform to avatar based scale, this megalith assembly supersedes avatar scale by many orders of magnitude creating its own context.

For more about DC Spensley’s art please visit:



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