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Art Blue

Art Blue was born in a virtual world in the year 2008 as an ALT of Minimal Blue. ALT stands for a second avatar, a copybot in an ALTernate Reality. Reading such lines in a bio you may wonder until you get to live in such a world by yourself. There are many layers to decipher and by doing so you will understand that the creator of Minimal Blue is Ervare, which is a shift cipher for Reiner. Reiner [Schneeberger] is the creator of Computer Minimal Art, an art form first time mentioned in 1985 by the art curator Dr. Gerhard Dotzler. That’s why I named my first identity in a virtual world “Minimal.” One of my first students joining the virtual world, “Daniel” took as his identity the name Art Eames. I liked the name so I created Art Blue. Years later I claimed the domain and that became my life.


About SPIRITUS EST / THE BREATH When I got invited to become an artist in the permanent installation in MdM I took a look back and that is the result. The installation is minimal, the installation is political, the installation is conceptual. That defines my art. 


More to read in my memoirs, “The Gods of Informatics,” published at Amazon.

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